Work With Me

 Are you trading hours for money?

Waking up every day no longer enjoying your career, or maybe you have been sitting on a great business idea for years, and your not sure what the following steps to bring this idea to life. Let me tell you; we have all been there; stop contemplating and start that business!

Let me help you give your new business a chance it deserves; you don’t have to do it alone.

I can help you remove:


✔Fear of failure


✔feeling overwhelmed

✔feeling stuck

Let me help you learn:

✔how to develop a strong mindset

✔how to unfold your true potential

✔how to go after your dreams

✔how to face your inner fears

✔how to get the results you deserve and crave.

I can guarantee these results after working with me:

✔You will be more clearer on your business goals.

✔Identify the steps to follow to grow your business.

✔build a solid business foundation

✔set a realistic timeline to reach your goals

✔Take action steps in your business.

✔Scale and grow your business successfully.

I will walk you through my signature coaching program; you will gain an accountability partner. Together we will go through my step by step proven strategy to go from a full-time employee to a successful entrepreneur.

First, we will focus on your Business mindset shift Together we will create a startup list to help you map out your business and the steps you need to take the next six months to a year to see your business grow.

Together we will go over your business plan from start to finish. Focus on the areas that lenders are primarily interested, to better your chances of getting funding down the line.

We will discuss the proper business structure for your business (LLC, Corps, Sole, Nonprofit); if you already. Formed your business, I will review and documents to make sure adequately set up. Educate you on DUNS # virtual office options and other essential foundation steps you need to guarantee a successful business foundation.

I will teach you about growing business credit and implementing the proper systems to getting working capital with minimal to no startup cost and bad credit. Together we will go through the steps to shop for lenders and develop a 3-year plan and strategy to keep your business afloat.

We will discuss trademarking and copyright and the importance of protecting your intellectual assets. We will go over contracts, agreements, online forms needed to help your business run successfully and smoothly.

We will go over branding tools to help you stand out from your competitor; we will create a business look that goes with your brand, from logo design mood colors, etc.

I will teach you about social media marketing, develop a sales strategy to help you get more sales than likes, and grow your business to a 6 figure business.

Finally, we will work on a launch plan for your business.

Coaching packages

1 on 1 Coaching

Individualize 4 to 8 week coaching partnership
→ Initial 90 min strategy session
→ 60 min weekly one on one coaching sessions via phone or zoom.
→ Additional phone support and unlimited email access.
→ Goal setting, support and additional tools to support your goals.

Group Coaching

→ 10 weeks purpose to profit coaching
→ Weekly assignments and homework to keep you moving forward
→ Weekly Coaching calls + Q&A
→ Accountability Partner
→ Complete toolkit of resources and templates for clarity and career change
→ Free Bonus Gift: 90-minute Strategy Session

Business Entity setup $300 and up

This service is solely to check corporation site for Business name, and to register new business. There may be additional fees depending on your State.

120 mins Intensive strategy session $200

We meet on zoom or phone or an 3 hour intensive session. We will talk about your business/personal dreams and goals you want to achieve.

6 week Nonprofit start up Consulting and Coaching

→ Help defining your mission and develop appropriate strategic plan.
→ Coaching individual professionals to develop the personal skills that enrich the organization.
→ Launching your new 501 C3 organizations and filling out all necessary IRS forms.
→ Assisting with branding and marketing your organization

The results you get:

☛ Get clear on what your dreams and goals are
☛ Action on how you can fast track your goals sooner than you thought.
☛ Map out a plan for how you can escape your 9-5 job, start a new business, or align with your purpose.
☛ My clear advice for you and how you can take action everyday